Why Choose a Private Retreat

Planning a holiday with a group of friends or family is supposed to be a fun, exciting thing to do but is quite often anything but. Some want to spend their time outdoors surfing and exploring, others want a slow day with yoga in the morning and the chance to lie by the pool in the afternoon with their holiday read. We get it, that’s why we started Yantara Retreats, to give you a personalised and deep experience of a beautiful location which will excite and replenish you and the ultimate flexibility to adapt to everyone’s dream week. Ultimately we want to nourish your mind and body in a laidback way, getting you into nature and maybe falling over, but always with a smile on your face. 

What type of private surf and yoga retreats do we offer?

The approachable and personalised kind! We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take your retreat seriously which is why you can be sure that we will pour our hearts and souls into giving you the retreat of your dreams. Each of our retreats is full of fun, movements, nature and nourishment.  This is your holiday, you set the tone, you tell us what you want and we work our magic and make it happen. 

Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice, find space to mediate, suss out the best margarita, catch some waves or learn how to fall off a surfboard with grace, we are here for you. Picture it, a week that is focused on you, your desires, and your pace and you don’t have to plan a damn thing. Allow me to take you on a journey of what your holiday with loved ones could look like. 

You wake up in a private villa, knowing that your day is organised, there is space to play, laugh, read, meditate, challenge yourself, relax by a pool, jump in the waves and eat delicious food. 

Private Yoga Retreat

The daily yoga classes are tailored to your group. If you want to go deep into meditation and move with intention then let’s do it, if you want to work on alignment and specific postures awesome! If you want a slow restorative class that with nourish your nervous system in a way that you didn’t even realise was possible then get ready to relax. I have such a deep love of the whole practice of yoga that you can be sure that whatever you want to explore, I’ll be ready to go on the journey with you. 

private retreat

Private Surf Retreat

We work with an awesome surf school, full of fun and highly talented surf instructors so will get you standing and riding the waves with a giant smile on your face. If you are a complete beginner then welcome! We have had many clients who have always wanted to try surfing but haven’t found the time so let us do that for you. If you already love surfing then let us take you to secret beaches to catch the best sunset waves (or sunrise if that’s your vibe). 

private retreat surfing

Thinking about some other activities? In case you hadn’t already guessed it, we love Sayulita so much and cannot wait to share this magical town with you. Let’s go on hikes, to the Mercado Artesanal “Hippie Market”, to a secret beach, on a taco tour, to salsa classes, to karaoke night or a bar hopping margarita tour. This is your holiday. You set the rules, you decide the tone of it, and let us bring it to life. 

private retreat food