Sayulita, Mexico: Ultimate Travel Guide

Between our shared time travelling we’ve been to countless beach side towns each of which we have loved before moving onto our next spot. That was until we came to Sayulita and then boomeranged back there again… and again. It’s a common question that comes up amongst expats here, ‘What is it about this place?’. 

Overtime I think we’ve slowly worked out the elements that contribute to making this place a Pueblo Magico “Magic Town”. Although to many long-term residents Sayulita has always been a Pueblo Magico, it was officially made one back in September 2015 for its beauty, culture and historical importance. We’ve done our best to go through our top reasons as to why Sayulita so quickly becomes #Stayulita for so many people, although there is another element which we will always struggle to describe to someone who has yet to experience it… there’s just something special about this place.

The Surf

Sayulita’s always been known as a surf town and it’s this boho chic vibe which has propelled the town into what it is today. For beginner surfers, the left side of Sayulita beach is the best place for you to get comfortable. Here you’ll find a beach break with gentle rolling, consistent waves. For those who are ready to start learning to turn across a wave or are keen long boarders, you’ll find yourself surfing at the centre of the beach where the waves are larger and longer due to it being a reef break. There are also some great surf options at nearby beaches. San Pancho provides more powerful waves for shortboarders whereas La Lancha and Burros are great spots for longboarders wanting to escape the crowds, with all three of these options being a short drive away from Sayulita.

The Sunsets

The Sayulita sunsets are breathtaking all year round and quickly become an evening ritual; sunset on the beach with friends followed by dinner. Earlier sunsets are bettered viewed from beaches such as Carricitos and Patzcuarito. These beaches are much emptier and hence a great spot to have a bonfire on the beach and enjoy a quiet evening with friends. As the sun sets later in the evening, enjoy watching them from the north end of Sayulita beach where you can enjoy a margarita from a nearby bar.