What can a surf and yoga retreat do for you

With waves gently crashing around you whilst you bob on your surfboard being warmed by the Mexican sun, noticing that you feel slightly more in the flow of life, with a loose body after the morning yoga class and suddenly you get excited about the delicious, fresh meal your about to enjoy, you’ll thank yourself for the millionth time that you came on a surf and yoga retreat. 

Yoga and surf go hand in hand in our opinion. Both activities get you into the flow of life, out of your head and, crucially on our retreats, can be enjoyed in the sun, in magical towns catered with delicious food. We welcome you with open arms to Yantara Retreats. 

Whilst travelling and exploring a place solo can be fun, wouldn’t it be better to come and not think about a damn thing? We know Sayulita, and we have poured so much love into planning this retreat that all you have to do is show up and get into the flow of life. 

So, what could a Yantara Retreat do for you? 

Firstly, take a break! You deserve it, and you know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this 🙂 Let your mind unwind, escape your day to day life and let us gently nourish and re-energize you with yoga, surfing, food, and adventure. By taking a break from normal life you will be able to go back refreshed! Take a week out of your mundane routine to get into nature, not think about simple daily tasks or work and just relax and have fun- it’s important and vital for everyone, no matter what stage you are in life. Take this opportunity to explore a vibrant culture in the glorious sunshine and see what magic a break will do for your life. 

Raise your vibrations! 

From morning yoga classes to stretch and energise every cell in your body to surfing in the sunshine and jumping in waves and laughing with new friends you will lift your energy! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we encourage you to do the same. Falling over on a yoga mat and into the waves is part of the fun of trying new poses and new skills! We want you to fall, laugh, get up and try again. All of this will leave a smile imprinted on your face. Yoga and surfing go perfectly together, both are about being in the moment, getting a break from the swinging monkey mind! When you are on a yoga mat flowing through a practice or about to catch a wave your mind is focused, you can’t run away with the normal natter and chatter of the mind- doesn’t that sound great? 

Take this opportunity to deepen your yoga practice. 

Charlotte, our yoga teacher, is passionate about yoga and welcomes all yogis, new or advanced.. She creates flows that will magically release every muscle in your body and, if you want to build up strength to try new, more challenging postures, there is no one who will create a more welcoming environment for you to explore how your body can move and where it can take you 🙂 Charlotte loves yoga, and truly believes that it is vital to bring you into the flow of life, so be prepared, you’re going to leave each class feeling refreshed and in alignment with your body and mind. 

Learn to surf or build on your wave riding skills. 

Stalla Surf School is led by World Champion surfer Fernando Stalla. We have collaborated with them to create the perfect Yantara Retreat in Sayulita. The surf instructors are here to welcome all surfers with open arms, whether you are confident on the board or getting excited to get on one for your first time, they will take you through every stage, from breath control work to foot placement. You are guaranteed to stand up and with the video analysis they will show you how you can improve so that by the end of the week you are riding the waves and really getting into the flow of life. 

Eat delicious food 

With our in-house chef cooking up feasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner trust us you won’t go hungry. We both love food and a Yantara Retreat would not be complete without an array of diverse, colorful meals enjoyed together in the sunshine. All of the food which we will serve you will be locally sourced and full of nutrients, and as we sit around together with good people chatting about the day’s activities and adventures you will feel completely content and satisfied.